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See T-Shirt Express and More in Hampton, VA for all your embroidery needs:


  • All pricing is based on the number of stitches.  All logos must be digitized prior to embroidery.  If your logo has previously been digitized for embroidery, please send that file to me to review to obtain pricing. 
  • There is a one-time fee of $40. to digitize a 3"x3" logo.  Larger sizes are available.


Personalize your quilt with a name embroidered on one or more of your patches.  Please note that the embroidery should be done BEFORE you cut and sew your pieces together.  The embroidered piece is then cut as a "fussy cut" to ensure that the placement of the embroidery is exactly where you want it.  Embroidery done on the front of already completed quilts will result in the back side of the quilt showing the backside of the embroidery. Send us your fabric, we will embroider per your order and return to you.





Make a loving memory frame with an embroidered panel and a favorite shirt/tie/blouse of your loved one.  A wonderful way to keep the memory alive for all members of the family.  We produce the embroidery panel with your information and you add a border from your chosen fabric.All embroidered panels are custom with your information.  Call or email us with your information for a personalized quote.